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Ethnic TV advertising ROI outperforms Mainstream channels

Recent figures from television advertising campaigns placed on ethnic TV channels by multicultural specialist agency Mediareach Advertising showed their campaigns for their clients has earned £5.4 fo

Where Are Pharmaceutical Companies Going Wrong in Digital Marketing?

When it comes to marketing and promoting pharmaceutical products there has always been some hesitancy. Certain restraints by the Food and Drug Administration have led pharmaceutical companies to hold

Ethnic Minorities Surpass Whites In U.S. Births For First Time

For the first time, racial and ethnic minorities make up more than half the children born in the U.S capping decades of heady immigration growth that is now slowing. The US minority population continu

Multicultural community ignored by government marketing campaigns

A group made of media professionals, community & voluntary organisation leaders, and gatekeepers have expressed their concern over the lack of public information campaigns targeting vulnerable and

Chinese New Year Etiquette

Chinese New Year is celebrated by about 17% of the world’s population, making it one of the widely celebrated events on the globe. This year, the Year of the Monkey began on February 8th. Unsurp

Is multicultural marketing the last line of defence for brands?

It is quite logical that investment in the ethnic market is a growth move for marketers looking to increase revenues and market share. There are few inspirational brands that have targeted ethnic mark

The PFA shows insensitivity towards racism

The PFA displayed a bizarre lack of judgment in the PFA Player of the Year dinner by hiring a black comedian Hunter who used racist jokes, this has come in a game which had its fair share of racism an

Research calls on UK government to include ethnic SME in their supply chains

New research published today calls on the UK government to work harder to include ethnic minority-owned small and medium enterprises in their supply chains. The report, published by MSDUK, is the firs

The positive impact of the refugee crisis on Europe

This time of the year people come up with lists of the biggest trends of the coming year. However, by far the most dynamic market segment in the UK and Europe has been the ethnic market. The growth in