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The growth of UK Afro-Caribbean Hair Care and Beauty Market

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), Black and minority ethnic groups made up almost 16% of the British population in 2011, and are perceived to increase to 35% by 2035. The face of B

The positive impact of the refugee crisis on Europe

This time of the year people come up with lists of the biggest trends of the coming year. However, by far the most dynamic market segment in the UK and Europe has been the ethnic market. The growth in

Ethnic TV advertising ROI outperforms Mainstream channels

Recent figures from television advertising campaigns placed on ethnic TV channels by multicultural specialist agency Mediareach Advertising showed their campaigns for their clients has earned £5.4 fo

Black British women spend 6 times more on their hair

Almost all ethnic groups in the UK spend a greater proportion of their money on clothing and footwear than whites. Any follower of women’s glossies will remember how Italian Vogue’s black

Its time for responsible Ethical advertising code to protect customers

This debate tends to rage often about the real role of advertising in tackling society ills and issues impacting us such as (Obesity, Alcohol abuse, Payday loans) rather than creating them. The advert

Multicultural Retail – 360 Roses And Thorns

To attend Multicultural Retail 360 is always fun. Recently rebranded from “Hispanic Retail 360” to “Multicultural Retail 360,” the event this year positioned itself as a broader venue to learn

Cross-cultural Gen Z

Move over Millennials, here comes Gen Z. Who are they? Definitions vary but most demographers define Gen Z — also referred to as Centennials, iGen, or Plurals — as consumers born between 1995 and

Do multicultural Millennials watch TV?

The excitement and buzz about TV is waning and more so when it comes to Millennials and Generation X. An average family tends to have varying viewing patterns so while the parents would love to watch

Driving Back-to-School Sales With a Culturally Sensitive Path-to-Purchase Model

Did you know that Hispanics are twice as likely as non-Hispanic whites and African-American shoppers to start planning their back-to-school shopping soon after their children begin summer break? And w