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National Brands – are they still valid?

This matter was a subject of research commenced this autumn by London based market research company Polarity. Recently there has been an ongoing debate on what stands behind the Brand Britain or any o

Bulk shopping is high on ethnic grocery baskets

Ethnic shoppers are doing a lot of their grocery buying in bulk through multiples, ethnic cash & carry’s and club retailers such as Macro & Costco. Brands who do big business with the retail

British armed forces must recruit more people from ethnic minorities

Britain’s Army, Navy and Air Force will have to hire 30 per cent more recruits from an ethnic minority background by the end of the decade under plans to improve diversity in the armed forces. The D

Millennials And Teens Top 10 Favorite Apps

According to a recent US monthly survey, 89% of 13-33 year olds own a smartphone. When we ask them to tell us which device they own is the one they can’t live without, 55% say smartphone, a number t

To leave or not to leave that is the Trillion Euro question?

I have been taken part in quite a few discussions about Brexit and the effect of leaving Europe will have on the UK. I must say that most of the people are not really aware of the benefit versus the h

What can the FA do to kick racism out

The FA Kick It Out campaigner and former Chelsea player Paul Elliott has resigned from his roles following news that he sent abusive texts to ex-Charlton centre-back, Richard Rufus. Elliott has just b

How To Integrate Music Into Cultural Marketing

Brands that market to multicultural audiences have found music as a key approach to connecting across generations. But multicultural marketers sometimes overlook the many facets differentiating their

10 Steps to take before choosing a multicultural marketing communications agency.

1. Professional Competence The agency must demonstrate high levels of professional competence in the eyes of their peers, clients and suppliers. 2. Professional Development The agency is committed to

Mediareach’s Campaign Was Chosen To Be Part Of “Creative for Good” At Cannes Lions Advertising Festival

Mediareach Advertising campaign, Hepatitis C, has been selected to be part of the Creative For Good website launch. The international Advisory Committee reviewed over 100 submissions from around the w