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Mixed race couples on the rise as the UK diversifies

Around 2.3 million married or cohabiting partners in an inter-ethnic relationships according to ONS, a rose of 2% since 2001. People from mixed-race backgrounds were likely to find love with someone f

Art establishment lose funding for failing to attract new audiences?

A number of high profile art establishments including the ENO have lost up to 35% of their funding for failing to commission creative work that engage and attracts new audiences declared Art Council E

Eastern European immigrants contribute more to the UK economy

“Eastern European immigrants add far more to the UK economy than they take out and should not face restrictions on their movements”, foreign ministers from EU accession said adding that they are

The UK Food and Drink Market Report by the Swiss Business Hub UK

“The UK Food and Drink Market” is provided by the Swiss Business Hub UK as part of the continuous support of Swiss companies in their efforts to improve their export potential in a sector which is

Booming exhibitions caters for multi cultural brides

The number of multicultural weddings taking place in the UK is on the rise as we become a more diverse nation, with the wedding industry being one market that has recognised the change. Over 235,000 m

Japanese Matsuri festival in London

The word ‘Matsuri’ is Japanese for ‘Festival’. Japan Matsuri is an event where members of the Japanese community in London can celebrate and enjoy food, music and dance with friends and neighb

Films must ‘tick boxes’ on diversity to win funds

Filmmakers have been told they must meet stringent new targets on diversity if they want to win grants from one of Britain’s biggest arts bodies. The British Film Institute, which hands out £27

Labour MP Accuses Tesco And Next Of Excluding British Workers In Favour Of Immigrants

Politicians in the UK and the media use the issue of immigration as a political football that can be kicked in whichever direction they wish, in order to appease middle-England’s concerns and captur

The Single, Most Powerful Insight When Marketing In Spanglish

By now, smart marketers have figured out that one of the best ways to reach the Hispanic market is by breaking down the language barriers between English and Spanish. As the use of the English languag