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The old funding formula will not save the BBC

I have been to the previous consultation session some 10 years ago and today at Westminster Media Forum. Broadly speaking the crowd at the 2 events are similar in composition in they are white middle

Capital drama series covers London diversity

The BBC is acknowledging the diversity in their new 3 episode drama series program Capital which revolves around Pepys Road, to the outside world, the residents of Pepys Road have it all. Adapted by a

UK firms audit shows poor ethnic representation on their boards

A recent audit of the top 100 UK firms conducted by the ethnic marketing forum Think Ethnic, revealed an unacceptable stats which shows that despite the fact that more than 50% of the growth in the po

Can sport overcome racism in a diverse multicultural society?

The on-going issue of racism in sport keeps coming back despite promises made more than 20 years ago to deal with this menace. In Europe FIFA has not succeeded in putting an end to the “R” issue.

Halal Future?

The BBC has some interesting articles discussing a halal future you can see them below. http://iengage.org.uk/news/2045-bbc-explores-whether-the-future-is-halal http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-1929

Dilemma facing the UK football clubs?

The FA and football clubs in the UK especially the Premier League are spending hundreds of million of Pounds to position themselves as global brands but missing an important element on the way. UK clu

Turkish minister slams Saudi broadcaster over TV soaps

A Turkish government minister has lashed out at a decision by Saudi-owned broadcaster MBC to stop airing Turkish soap operas, the state-run news agency Anadolu reported, amid ongoing tensions between

Clients Are Driving Diversity In Adland

What are the most common words heard in every ad agency around the world, every day? “The client wants some changes.” Change the headline. Change the visual. Change the strategy. Change the execut

You’re only British if you have no accent

Survey conducted by Independent Survey Researchers among 1000 British born residents of white background indicates a tendency of perceiving someone non-British as long as no British accent can be dete