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Glossy magazine targets Arabs in London

A new magazine has been launched in London to target the Arab community in London. Hella (Arabic for Hello) is a bi-monthly glossy upmarket magazine targeting the affluent high net worth Arab resident

Shall we make Eid a bank holiday?

While Muslims all over Britain celebrate the end of Ramadan, Conservative MP Bob Blackman has championed an e-petition – now with more than 120,000 signatures – to make Eid and Diwali public holid

Driving Back-to-School Sales With a Culturally Sensitive Path-to-Purchase Model

Did you know that Hispanics are twice as likely as non-Hispanic whites and African-American shoppers to start planning their back-to-school shopping soon after their children begin summer break? And w

Is multicultural marketing the last line of defence for brands?

It is quite logical that investment in the ethnic market is a growth move for marketers looking to increase revenues and market share. There are few inspirational brands that have targeted ethnic mark

Can sport overcome racism in a diverse multicultural society?

The on-going issue of racism in sport keeps coming back despite promises made more than 20 years ago to deal with this menace. In Europe FIFA has not succeeded in putting an end to the “R” issue.

The old funding formula will not save the BBC

I have been to the previous consultation session some 10 years ago and today at Westminster Media Forum. Broadly speaking the crowd at the 2 events are similar in composition in they are white middle

Racial discrimination against ethnic minority trainee doctors

UK ethnic minority doctors are four times more likely than white candidates to fail their clinical GP exam, the General Medical Council has found. The review into 5,000 candidates was ordered after et

Are political parties serious about engaging with the UK diverse population?

As the political debate heats up and the strong multicultural community gets ignored, we have to ask if political parties are about engaging with a growing ethnic population (estimated to be 20%). Are

Apple emoji finally embrace racial diversity

Apple has diversified the skin tones of its emoji characters on the latest beta version of its OS X operating system, with a range of five skin colours. The pre-release update to Apple’s OS X wa