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Immigration – A menace or a blessing for UK Business?

Politicians in the UK and the media use the issue of immigration as a political football that can be kicked in whichever direction they wish, in order to appease middle-England’s concerns and captur

How Millennials Will Choose The Next US President

Millennials may soon surpass Baby Boomers as the largest generational voting bloc, but myriad surveys and reports suggest that Gen Y isn’t all that interested in or particularly engaged with politic

Diversity works for the UK

Diversity is the differences we all have and what makes us all unique in one way or another. We differ in terms of ethnicity, gender, culture, national or regional origins, socio economic status, reli

Japan exhibition Dazzles UK Customers

Japan exhibition has a rich cultural heritage with many ancient arts and traditions. Almost two hundred years of self-imposed isolation helped shape many of the unique practices and strong sense of na

Why brands still don’t have a multicultural marketing strategy?

You must have read the numerous articles and studies highlighting the ethnic spending power. Marketers are especially excited about the incredible growth of young demographics, amplified spending powe

Does the GPS discriminate against specialist Multicultural agencies?

The newly set up GPS (Government Procurement Service), set up after the closure of the COI by the government, finally came up with their long awaited roster agencies and it comes as no surprise that d

Chinese shoppers buy luxury Western & Chinese brands

European luxury brands worried about the impact of a slowing Chinese economy may also have to contend with the rise of home-grown luxury brands, as a new report shows the preferences of Chinese consum

To leave or not to leave that is the Trillion Euro question?

I have been taken part in quite a few discussions about Brexit and the effect of leaving Europe will have on the UK. I must say that most of the people are not really aware of the benefit versus the h

Glossy magazine targets Arabs in London

A new magazine has been launched in London to target the Arab community in London. Hella (Arabic for Hello) is a bi-monthly glossy upmarket magazine targeting the affluent high net worth Arab resident