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What have the multicultural communities given us?

The constant inflow of diverse nationalities witnessed in the UK has enriched and made it a ‘Mecca’ for visitors from around the world and a magnet for massive inward investments. The rich traditi

Are The Next Decades Of U.S. Growth Dependent On Multicultural Millennials And Gen Z?

The Wall Street Journal recently published a telling article about the world’s shrinking economy called “Population’s Flagging Growth Undermines Global Economy.” There are three big takeaways:

5 Secrets For Effective Visual Merchandising

The visual presentation in the store has always been the major customer motivation accounting for the a majority of retail purchase. Your window display has the potential to attract the customer, reel

Black British women spend 6 times more on their hair

Almost all ethnic groups in the UK spend a greater proportion of their money on clothing and footwear than whites. Any follower of women’s glossies will remember how Italian Vogue’s black

Does being British make us more racist?

A new survey has revealed that a huge percentage of Britons – 95% – believe that in order for a person to be truly “British”  they must speak English, be born in Britain and

How To Engage With Muslim Consumers

Reaching Muslim consumers and making inroads to this audience takes a deep insights and understanding of their values. Muslim communities are significant proportion of ethnic population and are one of

The PFA shows insensitivity towards racism

The PFA displayed a bizarre lack of judgment in the PFA Player of the Year dinner by hiring a black comedian Hunter who used racist jokes, this has come in a game which had its fair share of racism an

Do marketers Acknowledge the growth of the multicultural communities?

“It is time our industry acknowledged the growth of our multicultural communities and targeted this niche market,” says Saad Saraf, CEO, Media Reach. Multiculturalism in the UK, especially London,

Chinese shoppers buy luxury Western & Chinese brands

European luxury brands worried about the impact of a slowing Chinese economy may also have to contend with the rise of home-grown luxury brands, as a new report shows the preferences of Chinese consum