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Alien, stranger, colonist – is multiculturalism really that bad?

How are ethnic societies supposed to win the battle for being treated with equal rights if even educational authorities have their contribution towards negative perception of diversity? “Alien”,

7 Steps to Develop a Successful Multicultural Marketing Strategy

Below are 7 Steps to Develop a Successful Multicultural Marketing Strategy which could be considered as vital key elements: 1. Think Ethnic: when you are looking to target ethnic groups prioritise th

Targeting Chinese customers will have a lasting impact on your brand?

Chinese new year is traditionally a time for families to gather at home and share gifts and presents, but due to the unprecendeted growth in China and the emerging markets we are seeing a burgeoning m

Millennials And Teens Top 10 Favorite Apps

According to a recent US monthly survey, 89% of 13-33 year olds own a smartphone. When we ask them to tell us which device they own is the one they can’t live without, 55% say smartphone, a number t

No10 has claimed that the Home Office’s controversial “go home” immigration campaign is “already working”

Downing Street claimed that the scheme is working but indicated that the Home Office has not actually provided any statistics that prove the scheme is working and that officials have merely told their

Mediareach uses a unique insight-planning tool

Mediareach Advertising utilises a unique insight planning tools, which it uses to plan effective media campaign for its clients. The tool is based on more than 560 diaries used by Asian households of

Ethnic TV advertising ROI outperforms Mainstream channels

Recent figures from television advertising campaigns placed on ethnic TV channels by multicultural specialist agency Mediareach Advertising showed their campaigns for their clients has earned £5.4 fo

Hispanics And Healthcare

While a lot has been written about Hispanics and healthcare, particularly in relation to the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, not enough attention has been paid to the opportunity they represent. H

Paddy Power targeting minorities with betting machines

A study, which uses Gambling Commission data, reveals that 61% of Paddy Power’s 349 betting shops are located in areas with above average levels of non-UK born population such as Newham and Brent in