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UK population grows by more than 400,000

The population of the UK grew by more than 400,000 last year, according to the latest official figures. The Office for National Statistics estimated there were 64.1 million people in the UK in June 20

The old funding formula will not save the BBC

I have been to the previous consultation session some 10 years ago and today at Westminster Media Forum. Broadly speaking the crowd at the 2 events are similar in composition in they are white middle

Russian Maslenitsa festival London

The  in Trafalgar Square is taking place on Sunday 26th February 2012. This national event will attract a footfall in excess of 20,000 people from 8 Soviet Union regions. The purpose of the event is

The growth of UK Afro-Caribbean Hair Care and Beauty Market

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), Black and minority ethnic groups made up almost 16% of the British population in 2011, and are perceived to increase to 35% by 2035. The face of B

Dutch Muslims are becoming more religious

An increasing number of second generation Dutch Muslims are visiting the mosque at least once a week, according to research published by the goverment’s socio-cultural policy unit. The new surve

Study shows UK firms have poor representation of ethnic talents on their boards!

A recent study of the top 100 UK firms conducted by the ethnic marketing forum think ethnic, revealed some shocking stats which shows that despite the fact that more than 50% of the growth in the popu

Shall we make Eid a bank holiday?

While Muslims all over Britain celebrate the end of Ramadan, Conservative MP Bob Blackman has championed an e-petition – now with more than 120,000 signatures – to make Eid and Diwali public holid

Advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather mess up again

Advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather in India were set another blow yesterday when the agency released a terrible ad campaign featuring a girl being shot.It is common for advertising agency’s webs