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Act of not choosing models of colour is racist

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has accused fashion designers of snubbing black and Asian models on the catwalkShe said the situation had deteriorated since she made her name in the industry more than 25 ye

Cross-cultural Gen Z

Move over Millennials, here comes Gen Z. Who are they? Definitions vary but most demographers define Gen Z — also referred to as Centennials, iGen, or Plurals — as consumers born between 1995 and

Are UK high streets welcoming to women of colour?

‘‘When I see high street make-up brands selectively marketing some of their products (e.g. foundation) to a wide range of ethnicities but not others (such as BB creams, concealers etc), it does no

Can sport overcome racism in a diverse multicultural society?

The on-going issue of racism in sport keeps coming back despite promises made more than 20 years ago to deal with this menace. In Europe FIFA has not succeeded in putting an end to the “R” issue.

Study shows UK firms have poor representation of ethnic talents on their boards!

A recent study of the top 100 UK firms conducted by the ethnic marketing forum think ethnic, revealed some shocking stats which shows that despite the fact that more than 50% of the growth in the popu

Ethnic minority consumers keenest on gadgets, mobile & broadband

Ethnic minority consumers are more likely to have home broadband and a mobile phone, compared to the British population as a whole, according to latest Ofcom research. Ofcom Ethnic Minority Groups sur

What will marketers learn from the Census 2011?

Marketing directors are seeking to capture the attention of the UK ethnic market. Along the way, they are finding hidden gems: an upmarket, well educated audience that responds to brands that speak it

Chinese shoppers buy luxury Western & Chinese brands

European luxury brands worried about the impact of a slowing Chinese economy may also have to contend with the rise of home-grown luxury brands, as a new report shows the preferences of Chinese consum

Russian Maslenitsa festival London

The  in Trafalgar Square is taking place on Sunday 26th February 2012. This national event will attract a footfall in excess of 20,000 people from 8 Soviet Union regions. The purpose of the event is