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Diversity works for the UK

Diversity is the differences we all have and what makes us all unique in one way or another. We differ in terms of ethnicity, gender, culture, national or regional origins, socio economic status, reli

Booming exhibitions caters for multi cultural brides

The number of multicultural weddings taking place in the UK is on the rise as we become a more diverse nation, with the wedding industry being one market that has recognised the change. Over 235,000 m

Mediareach uses a unique insight-planning tool

Mediareach Advertising utilises a unique insight planning tools, which it uses to plan effective media campaign for its clients. The tool is based on more than 560 diaries used by Asian households of

UK has fastest growing population in Europe

Britain’s population is growing faster than any other country’s in Europe fuelled by the biggest surge in births for 40 years, official ONS figures disclosed. More babies were born in the

Top 10 insights for reaching multicultural consumers in 2016

There is no doubt that the ethnic market is growing and increasingly important for brands and retailers. For those looking to reach multicultural consumers with money to spend in 2016, below are ten i

Black British women spend 6 times more on their hair

Almost all ethnic groups in the UK spend a greater proportion of their money on clothing and footwear than whites. Any follower of women’s glossies will remember how Italian Vogue’s black

Bulk shopping is high on ethnic grocery baskets

Ethnic shoppers are doing a lot of their grocery buying in bulk through multiples, ethnic cash & carry’s and club retailers such as Macro & Costco. Brands who do big business with the retail

Google searches for a more diverse workforce

Google has revealed the gender and ethnicity of its workforce White men can’t jump. But somehow they’ve managed to hop their way to the front of the recruitment queue at Google. Those who insist

Do brands influence Millennials?

Millennials have changed the rules on influence. They created and become their own celebrities and role models and every social media has new breed set of stars from YouTube to Snap chat. In the digit