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Diversity works for the UK

Diversity is the differences we all have and what makes us all unique in one way or another. We differ in terms of ethnicity, gender, culture, national or regional origins, socio economic status, reli

Pokemon Go may give advertisers a lease of life

When Google Glass became available to the public, promising a new era of augmented reality. With hands-free, voice-controlled device projected information and images directly to the user’s eyes, aug

Are UK companies targeting diverse consumers effectively?

The UK in general and London in particular is considered the Cultural capital of the World. London does not just have BME groups but diverse consumers from all over the world and particularly from eme

Advertisers Target Multicultural Britain – IPA The New Britain Report

IPA The New Britain Report 2014 – Britain has always been a fascinating country with its vibrant cultural diversity. Today Britain is more multicultural than ever before, and this will only co

Philip Treacy’s fashion show stirs colour debate

According to Philip Treacy, fashion needs to become more ethnically diverse. He sent out an all-black team of models at milliner Philip Treacy’s London Fashion Week show which caused quite a stir. h

What will marketers learn from the Census 2011?

Marketing directors are seeking to capture the attention of the UK ethnic market. Along the way, they are finding hidden gems: an upmarket, well educated audience that responds to brands that speak it

BBC schemes to boost BAME involvement in broadcasting launched.

Six places are available on the Senior Leadership Development Programme, offering experience alongside BBC head Tony Hall and his leadership team. “The launch of these two leadership programmes

Alien, stranger, colonist – is multiculturalism really that bad?

How are ethnic societies supposed to win the battle for being treated with equal rights if even educational authorities have their contribution towards negative perception of diversity? “Alien”,

Ethnic TV advertising ROI outperforms Mainstream channels

Recent figures from television advertising campaigns placed on ethnic TV channels by multicultural specialist agency Mediareach Advertising showed their campaigns for their clients has earned £5.4 fo