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The power of social networks: a new kind of marketing found on Instagram

In the last two years, social networking sites, due to their easy access through mobile apps have taken over the generation. A lot of people have started their own business or have exceeded sales due

White Teens Less Likely To Apply To University Than Any Other Ethnic Group, Says UCAS

White teenagers are less likely to apply to university than youngsters from any other ethnic group, according to research. The statistics come in a UCAS report looking at the demand for university cou

Eastern European immigrants contribute more to the UK economy

“Eastern European immigrants add far more to the UK economy than they take out and should not face restrictions on their movements”, foreign ministers from EU accession said adding that they are

Amazon Opens Its Doors To Millions Of Hispanic Shoppers

Amazon rolled out a Spanish-language version of Amazon.com and in turn, helped dispel the myth that because Hispanics are young and the majority are U.S. born, there is no reason to communicate with t

Conservatives took 33% of ethnic votes in the Election

One million ethnic minority votes helped put David Cameron into Downing Street on election night, according to a major new piece of research into attitudes among minority voters. While Labour remains

Black British women spend 6 times more on their hair

Almost all ethnic groups in the UK spend a greater proportion of their money on clothing and footwear than whites. Any follower of women’s glossies will remember how Italian Vogue’s black

Does the GPS discriminate against specialist Multicultural agencies?

The newly set up GPS (Government Procurement Service), set up after the closure of the COI by the government, finally came up with their long awaited roster agencies and it comes as no surprise that d

Racism on the rise in Britain

The proportion of Britons who admit to being racially prejudiced has risen since the start of the millennium according New data from British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey, prompting concerns that grow

Sadiq Khan elections proves Londoners will not surrender to the language of fear

The election of Sadiq Khan MP to be the first Muslim Mayor of London is a major milestone by Londoners to elect a candidate that ran a positive, honest campaign and was keen and proud to be a true Lon