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Do marketers Acknowledge the growth of the multicultural communities?

“It is time our industry acknowledged the growth of our multicultural communities and targeted this niche market,” says Saad Saraf, CEO, Media Reach. Multiculturalism in the UK, especially London,

Does being British make us more racist?

A new survey has revealed that a huge percentage of Britons – 95% – believe that in order for a person to be truly “British”  they must speak English, be born in Britain and

Ethnic TV rating war intensifies

The recent ethnic TV figures in the UK shows the 4 leading TV channels vying for the top 4 slots and they are in order: Star Plus AlJazeera English UMP Movies Rishty The rating shows that AlJazeera is

How to promote equality and diversity at work?

We can promote equality and diversity by: Treating all staff and suppliers fairly Creating an inclusive culture for all staff and suppliers Ensuring equal access to opportunities to enable students to

Feeding Latina Millennials’ Global Appetite

Hispanic Millennials, those aged 18 to 34, represent the largest segment of the Hispanic population after Generation Z (aged under 18). Their size and the purchasing power they wield provide a great o

Don’t put all your eggs in the Christmas basket…

As festivals go, Christmas is by far the biggest spending period for UK consumers as they collectively get into the shopping, buying, eating and drinking spirit. Many brands spend a big chunk of their

Clearcast publishes figures on BAME representation in commercials

Clearcast data released reveals the portrayal of people from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic Groups within television commercials. As of December 2009, agencies have had the option of stating whether

The power of social networks: a new kind of marketing found on Instagram

In the last two years, social networking sites, due to their easy access through mobile apps have taken over the generation. A lot of people have started their own business or have exceeded sales due

Apple emoji finally embrace racial diversity

Apple has diversified the skin tones of its emoji characters on the latest beta version of its OS X operating system, with a range of five skin colours. The pre-release update to Apple’s OS X wa