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3 Reasons Gen Z Will Disrupt Multicultural Marketing Models

Gen Z is a wholly unique generation and carving their own path as we see on our latest research initiative, We Are Gen Z, a collaboration between our research agency and Sensis. They are the largest,

Halal meat increase in Britain: the correlation of ethnicities, faiths and food habits

The concept of halal food is that which is edible according to the Islamic law. It is slaughtered according to certain rules, which include blessing in the name of God. The UK is known for its multi c

New Rules, New Chaos… For Some

With immigration figures at an all time high, the government continues to go to extreme length maintain its promise of reducing UK migrants. Rarely do politicians keep their word, however it seems thi

Inclusion inspires innovation at Apple

Apple considers itself to b a different kind of company with a different view of the world. It’s a special place where we have the opportunity to create products that change lives and help shape the

South Asian fashion demand increases in Britain

In the day and age of social networking, ideas and fashion are very easy to influence. In the UK there has been a definite increase in the influence of Asian fashion, in popular high street shops you

Is 2015 The Best Year Yet For Hispanic Digital Marketing?

With the holidays around the corner and 2015 coming to a close, I took some time to reflect back on what’s happened in Hispanic digital marketing. I must say, it was quite a year. The Hispanic digit

Philip Treacy’s fashion show stirs colour debate

According to Philip Treacy, fashion needs to become more ethnically diverse. He sent out an all-black team of models at milliner Philip Treacy’s London Fashion Week show which caused quite a stir. h

Ethnic Minority in Media

A report covering ethnic minorities in the UK media. Ethnic Minorities in the Media from Think Ethnic  

National Brands – are they still valid?

This matter was a subject of research commenced this autumn by London based market research company Polarity. Recently there has been an ongoing debate on what stands behind the Brand Britain or any o